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Norwood and Sharon Detectives Interrupt Drug Buy; Three Arrested

On Tuesday March 25, 2014 Detective David Eysie of the Norwood Police Department partnered with Detective Scott Leonard of the Sharon Police Department were conducting surveillance in Norwood. They observed known heroin addicts gathering in a parking lot. As the detectives continued to monitor the activity, they observed two males enter the lot driving a grey rented SUV. Detectives saw a third male appear in the lot from a building nearby, later identified as Yevgeniy Fartushnyy age 28 of Sharon, collect money from several of the other known heroin users. Fartushnyy next approached the two males inside the SUV.

Detectives saw Fartushnyy hand the money to the men who in turn delivered him heroin. The detectives quickly moved in and approached the vehicle. Fartushnyy resisted the being taken into custody and assaulted them during the encounter. His resistance was overcome and he was handcuffed. Fartushnyy was transported to the Norwood police station and booked for: Possession with Intent to Distribute Heroin; Assault and Battery on a Police Officer; and Resisting Arrest.


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