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On August 25th Off Annino, a 24 year veteran of the department (who came to us with 2 years as an MDC police officer) was tasked with the duty of going to the RMV to register one of the new cruisers. A “routine” errand you say? We hate that word. It is dangerous for us to use it. Perhaps though, this duty was as close as it comes to routine. Yes, we go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles too. We don’t wait in line though when doing the department’s business.

So by 9:30 am Officer Annino was already on the way back, traveling north on 128 between Rt. 37 (think South Shore Plaza) and Rt. 28 (think Lantana's, Lombardo's, or show your age and think The Chateau de Ville). Suddenly he came upon stopped traffic in the passing lane and a Mass State Police cruiser just ahead. The lone trooper was attending to a motorist who had apparently crashed. They soon learned the man had suffered some sort of medical event.

Off. Annino had placed his cruiser in a position to protect the trooper and the victim, and ran to the trooper's aid. The trooper was assessing the victim's needs. Officer Annino determined the victim may be in need of life saving efforts. Fortunately, all Norwood Police patrol vehicles are equipped with AED's, the big bulky yellow box you might see the officers carrying in or out at the change of shifts. The AED is an automatic external defibrillator, a sophisticated contraption which allows an officer to assess whether a person is in cardiac arrest and if so, in need of a shock to get the ticker going. We train regularly and the machines are strictly maintained.

In this rescue, Officer Annino performed the steps necessary and was directed by the AED to shock the victim. He delivered the shock. It restarted the victim's heart. He and the trooper were relieved by responding Braintree Fire Department EMTs who took over the care of the patient. The patient was brought to Milton Hospital where he was stabilized before being sent to the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston in critical but stable condition.

The MSP do not carry AED's in their cruisers. It is a good thing that we do. You can bet that the next time Officer Annino is sent to the RMV, or anywhere else, he’ll recall this rescue and make sure he has the AED. Your police department’s police officers are provided with a lot of equipment, some to protect a life, some to take a life (if necessary) and some to save a life. Thank you for the tools Norwood, and hats off to Officer Annino.

NORWOOD P.D. BLUE Available now! has made past episodes of Norwood P.D. Blue available for viewing on their website. The monthly public access show features a look at the day to day operation of the department and includes a Q&A with Chief Brooks.   Episodes can be found here.


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