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09/23 - 3 arrested on heroin charges

08/20 - 100 grams of heroin/ $23k seized

07/20 - Cocaine distributor caught uptown



On Thursday, 1/21/16, at approximately 4:30PM our officers responded to 1060 Washington Street, Central Market & Travel, for a report of an armed robbery. The employee stated that an individual had entered the store wearing a mask. The masked offender vaulted over the counter, assaulting the female employee. After gathering a rather large sum of cash, the suspect jumped back over the counter, this time crashing through it leaving glass strewn about the store. After collecting himself, the suspect dashed out the front door and down a side street. Luckily, a witness was able to describe the type of vehicle the suspect got into after the robbery. The description of the vehicle was broadcast to neighboring agencies.

A short while later, an officer with the Walpole Police Department observed the suspect vehicle. An attempt was made to stop the vehicle but the driver refused to listen to commands and sped off. After a brief pursuit, the suspect vehicle crashed and the suspect was apprehended by Walpole PD. An airsoft pistol was located in the vehicle.

Michael Matos, 31 of Walpole, is charged with the following offenses: Assault & Battery, Assault w/ a Dangerous Weapon and Armed Robbery While Masked.

Another male passenger was questioned but later released.

We thank the Walpole Police Department for their assistance in bringing this dangerous incident to a resolve without serious injury to the suspect, officers involved, or public alike.

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