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On the very same shift that Norwood Police detectives and patrols executed a raid on the home of a man in the business of selling drugs, albeit Marijuana, our patrol force was involved in the rescue of two heroin addicts who overdosed in Norwood.

Both of those rescued were administered intranasal Narcan by your police officers and firefighters working together on emergency calls. The first was a 37 year old Quincy man who overdosed in the bath of an apartment in Norwood. Responding police officers including Lieutenant Benedetti assisted ambulance personnel who injected the Narcan into the man who was all but dead.

Later in the shift, the police including Lt. Benedetti and Officer McDonagh were first on the scene of another overdose, that of a 25 year old Norwood woman whose injection and overdose of heroin was witnessed. They administered nasal Narcan and proceeded to perform CPR before giving a second dose. When the fire ambulance arrived, a third dose was administered. The woman’s decline, thought complete, was reversed.

The same woman overdosed after midnight on September 6th. She was rescued that time by the Norwood Fire Department. She is the sixth rescue for the police department since we began carrying Narcan. We have assisted the Norwood Fire Department in many more “Saves”.

Read about the department’s Drug Control Strategy and the administering of Intranasal Naloxone (Narcan) on the department’s web page at

We will continue to target the source and dealer of any illegal drug. We’ll continue to help addicts and their families. We’ll continue to seek to reverse the effects of opiates to save lives where we can.

NORWOOD P.D. BLUE Available now! has made past episodes of Norwood P.D. Blue available for viewing on their website. The monthly public access show features a look at the day to day operation of the department and includes a Q&A with Chief Brooks.   Episodes can be found here.


     The mission of the Norwood Police Department is to provide the highest level of public safety and service to Norwood's residents, visitors, and the community in general.

         We are committed to providing effective, competent, and considerate public safety services that will enhance the quality of life within our community and ensure that all are treated with the utmost dignity.