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Holiday Shopping Tips from NPD Crime Prevention Unit

When shopping:

  • Always park in a well-lit area
  • Check the car’s interior before you enter.
  • Have your keys in hand when approaching your car.
  • Conceal any previously purchased items. It is recommended that you put them in the trunk of the car.
  • Don’t talk on the cell phone while walking through the parking lot.
  • Don’t leave a purse, wallet or cell phone in plain view.
  • Don’t resist if someone tries to take your belongings. Stay safe and dial 911.
  • If you use an ATM check your surroundings first.
  • Protect your PIN and make a copy of your credit card numbers in the event one is stolen.
  • Carry only the credit cards you need and avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Be aware of the “good deal” scams.
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry; it may make you a target.
  • Carry your wallet in your front pocket.
  • Women, don’t leave your purse unattended in your shopping carriage. Carry it close to your body.

At Home:

  • Always lock your doors and windows. Even if just running a quick errand.
  • Always leave a light on inside and outside your house at night. The noise of a TV or radio is often times enough to deter a would be burglar. Put lights on a timer.
  • If you plan to be away for a couple of days notify a trusted neighbor to collect your paper and any mail from piling up.
  • Have a trusted neighbor accept delivery on packages sent to your home. Don’t have them left out on front step.
  • If a neighbor is unavailable to accept the package, have the shipper keep it at the facility for you to retrieve.
  • After Christmas don’t pile up empty gift boxes for trash/recycling. This will tip off thieves that a new TV, computer, or other expensive item is in the house. Cut up the cardboard and put them into the barrels.
  • Leave keys with a trusted neighbor not under the mat or any other easily discoverable spot.
  • Don’t put your name on your house or mailbox-thieves can look up your number then call to find when you’re not home.
  • Notify the Norwood police of any suspicious activity. We are working for you and your safety.

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